Premium coffee

Coffee with a soft taste and aroma, served hot or cold in a variety of menus. with our special coffee beans

Coffee Lab has 4 branches.

• Office branch Tel. 097-1740083 LINE : danube_suntowers

• CDC Branch Tel. 02-1022526 LINE : coffeelab123

• CDC2 Branch Tel. 083-0951051 LINE : coffeelabcdc2

• Chula Branch Tel. 061-3910929 LINE : imparkchula7765

 Good quality coffee

And there is a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Ready to serve both hot and cold menus.

Danube has 2 branches.

Ploenchit Branch Tel. 095-9050083 Line ID: danubeploenchit

Ari Branch Tel.097-0644953 Line ID: danubeari




Coffee :

Americano (ร้อน/เย็น)

Cappuccino (ร้อน/เย็น)
Latte (ร้อน/เย็น)
Mochacino (เย็น)
Yuzu Espresso (เย็น)
Momo Coffee (เย็น)
D.Espresso (ร้อน/เย็น)
Caramel Macchiato (เย็น)

Beverage  :

Chocolate (ร้อน/เย็น)
White chocolate (ร้อน/เย็น)
Green tea Latte (ร้อน/เย็น)
Chocomint (เย็น)
Strawberry (เย็น)
Lemon tea (เย็น)
Yuzu Soda (เย็น)
Momo Soda (เย็น)
Choco Love (เย็น)
White Strawberry (เย็น)
Thai Tea (เย็น)
Mango Tango (เย็น)

Bekery :

Caramel Macadamia
Blueberry cheesecake (sauce)
Soft Chocolate Fudge cake
Almond coffee cake
matcha latte cake
Butter Croissant 1 กล่อง
Hamcheese croissant 1 box
Chicken sausage Croissant 1 box