Tear every condition of superiority
Along the Chao Phraya River with KEN ATTITUDE, a high rise condominium above the Chao Phraya River at a price that you can reach, experience a new degree that connects to all your lifestyles. 
The design focuses on the connection between outside and inside.
“Inspired by New York City aura of western culture Architectural style of MID-Century Modern Architects”
The architectural design of various structures emphasizes clean lines and open spaces, so MID-Century Modern has a very distinctive identity, namely various geometric shapes. that combines with dimensions and emphasizes the use of colors that come from nature To get a building that is more than a beautiful building.

First touch of superiority

Height 150 meters. For a typical condominium, there will be up to 50 floors, but at KEN ATTIUDE we give you superiority. With high siling rooms and loft rooms (2 storeys) provide usable space that is superior to the real touch.

Not just the most beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River. In Rattanathibet area only, but KEN ATTIUDE can connect your life to the city center just a few moments by the Purple Line Phra Nang Klao Station.
Open a new dimension of living in the midst of a quality society with KEN ATTITUDE. Experience the atmosphere of the Chao Phraya River today from Master Concept to Masterpiece. Every degree of design KEN ATTITUDE conveys every feeling. of the classic In the middle of the century with a MID-Century Modern design. that combines durable materials and modern innovations with a common area that supports all lifestyles of living.

KEN’S LAGOON Famlily pool with slider

Another page of relaxation in a Family Atmosphere style atmosphere that will let you experience the true meaning of the word "family" for you to spend every moment together. in all activities independently And relax with a salt system swimming pool up to 30 meters long, adding more fun with a pool slide, curved design, good posture, with the most beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River at KEN ATTITUDE in every period. memory time.
KEN’S Oasis Rooftop Infinity Edge Pool

360° of the Chao Phraya River that is unobstructed With Infinity Edge swimming pool, make your beautiful night the most enjoyable of your life.

KEN ATTITUDE Your dreams will be fulfilled with premium amenities in every square inch packed with care.


Usable area size: 27.5 - 112 square meter Number of units: 588 units (including 6 stores within the project) Type/Type of Building : MID-Century Modern Architects







Ken Attitude Project Sales Office 
Nonthaburi Road, Bang Krasor Subdistrict, Mueang District,
Nonthaburi Province 11000
Tel. 061-267-3999, 061-274-6999


Near MRT Phra Nang Klao 100 meters
Phranangklao Hospital
Phranangklao Pier
Leading department stores (Central Rattanathibet / Central Westgate)
Educational Institution (Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi)